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Forum Free Download » DC++ » Dc klijenti » zK++ 0.73d3
zK++ 0.73d3
BBDate: Thursday, 16.09.2010, 13:07 | Message # 1
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NEW Media Toolbar;
NEW Antivirus Function;
NEW Multiline Input Field in Mainchat Bar ('Custom Styles' Page);
NEW 'Clear All Main Chats' on 'Action' Menu & All Other Context Menus;
NEW 'Clear' and 'Log' Buttons to Hubframe and PM Frame;
NEW Copy 'Path' Info in Right Click Menu (Directory List. & Search Frame);
NEW Preview Text Files in External Program;
NEW 'Hot Tools' Menu & 'Tools' Folder under 'Extras' Folder Related;
NEW 'NIckname Creator' (stand-alone tool - 'Hot Tools' Menu);
NEW 'Password Generator' (stand-alone tool - 'Hot Tools' Menu);
NEW 'Lag Check Watch' (stand-alone tool - 'Hot Tools' Menu);
NEW 'Multilingual Translator' (stand-alone tool - 'Hot Tools' Menu);
NEW 'Hublist Checker' (stand-alone tool - 'Hot Tools' Menu);
NEW 'Magic Reading XML' (stand-alone tool - 'Hot Tools' Menu);
NEW 'AVI Preview Hacked' (stand-alone tool - 'Hot Tools' Menu);
NEW 'Open Clone' ('Control Panel' Menu);
NEW 'Google Hacks' (stand-alone tool - 'Search' Menu);
NEW 'Search Host / IP' (stand-alone tool - 'Search' Menu);
NEW 'Search IP' (stand-alone tool - 'Search' Menu);
NEW Links for 'DNS Stuff', 'Music', 'Movie' & 'TV Databases' ('Search' Menu);
NEW 'Changelog' & 'Basic FAQ' Files ('Full Help' Menu);
NEW Link for 'Feature Requests' ('Full Help' Menu);
NEW Links for 'zK Blog' and 'Official Servers' ('Full Help' Menu);
NEW Link for 'Friendly Hubs' ('Bookmark' Menu);
NEW High Compression for Main Module & Extra Executable Files;
NEW 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Notepads;
NEW Submenu for CPU-RAM Priority and Notepads ('Control Panel' Menu);
NEW Two New Download Priorities: 'Higher' and 'Lower';
NEW Option to Stop Indexing (Hashing) Files once Started;
NEW Welcome Message with Install Options when Client Starts;
NEW 'Reconnect Disconnected Hubs' Function ('All Windows' Menu and Toolbar);
NEW 'Refresh User List' Function ('Action' Menu and Toolbar);
NEW 'Close Hubs With NO Users' Function ('All Windows' Menu and Toolbar);
NEW 'Close All Hubs' Function ('All Windows' Menu);
NEW Auto Start zK at Windows Startup Option;
NEW Save Settings Window State Option;
NEW Custom Toolbar size option ('Toolbar' Page);
NEW "Lock Toolbars" function ('Vew' Menu);
NEW "Always on Top" function ('Vew' Menu);
NEW Option to Enable/Disable 'Quick Search' ('View' Menu);
NEW Basic 'Boss Mode' (Ctrl + B);
NEW 'SuperUser' Function;
NEW Hash Progress Function in Systray Icon;
NEW 'Away Mode' Option in 'Control Panel' Menu and in Systray Icon;
NEW 'Disable Sounds' Option in 'Control Panel' Menu and in Systray Icon;
NEW Client Uptime, Compile Date and Hyperlink on 'About zK' Page;
NEW Multiline Away Message;
NEW Icon for 'Import/Convert Favorites' on Toolbar;
NEW Background Image (Wallpaper);
NEW Icons for Download and Upload on Status Bar;
NEW 'Changelog' Pop Up (when Settings are empty only);
NEW Pre-Configuration for AVI / MP3 Preview + User / RAW Commands;
NEW 'Extras' Folder for Binary Application;
NEW 'AVI Preview', 'Docs', 'Magnet', 'MP3 Preview' and 'Languages' Subfolders;
NEW Easy Translation Guide for Special Chars (added into the 'Languages' folder);
NEW 'docs' Folder for Source Code;
NEW Random 'Pushbuttons';
NEW Support Hub Auto Login (if 'Favorite Hubs' empty).

IMPROVED Max Number of Segments (from 10 to 200);
IMPROVED Memory / CPU Optimization & Priority;
IMPROVED Settings Page and Explorer;
IMPROVED Multiline Media Spam ('zK' Page);
IMPROVED Main Context Menu (Right Click on Userlist) ;
IMPROVED Systray Context Menu (Right Click on Icon);
IMPROVED Pop up Menu Functions from Right Click on Toolbar;
IMPROVED 'Default Away Message' Overview ('Custom Styles' Page);
IMPROVED 'About zK' Page;

Forum Free Download » DC++ » Dc klijenti » zK++ 0.73d3
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