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BBDate: Thursday, 22.09.2011, 11:47 | Message # 1
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We are absolutely thrilled to release our most important update yet: we have increased our base rate to 40 cents per download!

After analyzing months of data, we decided to redesign our earnings and tracking systems to distribute more of the earnings to legitimate users who drive good traffic while inhibiting users who try to cheat the system and earn money they don’t deserve. With this new system in place and the earnings properly distributed we can now afford to pay the new high rate to help those who drive real traffic make even more cash!

So what exactly are the rates? For the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia you will get AT LEAST 40 cents for every download, as compared to our old 23 cents. The best part is this is only a base rate: the rest of our many offers all pay higher! As always, we have offers that pay 50 cents, 80 cents, a dollar, and higher. As for other countries, we now pay a base rate of 25 cents for any international download. Again, there are some offers for international countries that pay more than the base rate.

Just because we have many offers with many different prices doesn’t mean we just show these offers randomly and leave it up to chance which one the downloader gets. Instead, our system constantly monitors the performance of all our surveys, using metrics both in our database and the advertisers’ databases, and uses this information to determine which offers would work the best for you. Once we know which offers would make you more money we show them more often to people who download your files. Say, for example, that while there is an offer that pays $1.00, you may actually end up earning more money in the long run from an offer that pays 50 cents because users like that survey more. Our system would pick this up and show the offer that pays 50 cents more often to boost your earnings! As we’ll touch on in the next paragraph, if the user does not complete the given survey in a set amount of time we then give them a help message with a list of other surveys that will work best for him. Nothing is left to chance or choice here. Everything is tweaked and supported by statistics and facts to ensure you make the most money possible.

As we previously stated, our new system weeds out fake downloads that our advertisers would have otherwise discarded, which helps us afford to pay the new rates. Normally when any kind of website uses this type of system some users have trouble completing the offer, and in our case downloading the file, because the advertisers don’t like the information the user entered and refuse to accept it as valid. Instead of simply leaving the user stranded in desperation, we wanted to make sure that every user who tries to download a file from ShareCash can download with ease. As many of you know, we talked it over with the community and brainstormed ideas. There were many suggestions, such as timers, email optins, etc. In the end, we decided to make a robust, custom solution that will not only solve any user’s downloading issues but ensure that the system helps all users earn more money. We decided that after a user has not unlocked his download for one full minute, we display a message explaining what happened n provide him with a list of surveys to choose from that will work best for both him and us. If there aren’t enough surveys for the user we show the “Fail-Proof Survey”, which is a survey we ourselves created that unlocks the download every time. The result? There will never be a user who can’t download the file, which means more happy users and therefore more money!

We hope you all enjoy the new higher rates, but remember, this is only one of the first upgrades we’re releasing! Our new team has been hard at work innovating and coding new features and upgrades to not only improve ShareCash but more importantly help you earn more money. Our Programming Team is putting the finishing touches on another huge upgrade that we have been hinting at for a while now, so stay tuned for its release as we are positive you will all love it. We will also continue to procure new advertisements and tweak our surveys and display patterns to ensure that you continue to make as much money as possible. In the meantime, enjoy the new higher rates and watch as we continue to revolutionize both ShareCash and the file sharing industry as a whole!
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